29 septiembre 2015

Dani Martín to kick off his #LaCuerdaFloja Tour with a spectacular show in Madrid

Dani Martín did it again! The first of 2 shows celebrating his 15th aniversary as an artist #LaCuerdaFloja, was a proof of his power, imagination and a stunning display of technical means display.

Fans – who had sold out all the tickets months before the concert – welcomed Dani Martín to a packed Plaza de Toros. Dani revisited his greatest hits as a solo singer and also El Canto del Loco’s most memorable songs, displaying an spectacular circus-themed show.

“La cuerda floja is a bid for differentiation, an ambitious design and a stunning stage”. El País.

“The first of two circus concerts called ‘La cuerda floja’ in Madrid was a success filled with updated versions of smash hits. Dani’s fans, euphoric, travelled back in time “. El Mundo.

“Triunphant kick-off of mini-tour #LaCuerdaFloja. Dani Martín represents the success of popular music with “ñ”.” ABC.

The second #LaCuerdaFloja show will take place next October 3 in Barcelona…Tickets still available here!